AHA 7002

TechnicalData Sheet

Glossmodifier for matte HAA/Primid powder coatings


AHA7002 is a gloss modifier specially designed for increasing the coating gloss to the desired gloss levels when it is in conjunction with our Matflex Resin AHA90 to formulate matte HAA/Primid powder coatings. It is not recommended to use in other coating systems based on any glycidyl and/or (meth)oxirane group cross linkage chemistry due to catalytic activity.

Typical properties


AHA7002 is recommended as sole gloss modifier in matte HAA/Primid system formulated by Matflex Resin AHA90 with proper amorphous co-polyesters to increase the coating gloss to the desired gloss level.

In most cases, customers prefer to the desired gloss range within 10 to 20% ( 60°) rather than dead matte. The use of this product is the perfect solution that is very easily to achieve the desired gloss through changing concentration of AHA7002 in above formulation. The relationship of gloss to the concentration of AHA7002 is very linearly and the adjustable range could be from 7% to 30% ( 60°).

Use levels

Approx.0.5% to 2% by weight, calculated on total formulation.

Incorporation and processing Instructions

AHA7002 should be mixed with resin, hardener, pigments and other raw materials in a high-speed mixer and then extruded.

Starting formulation

Shelf life

Based on our experience the shelf lifeof this product is at least within one year from date of manufacture. For older than this period, it is recommended to re-check the performance.

Storage & Notice

Store in temperature between 2 and 35℃ or cool dry place to avoid wetting-absorption. Keep package closed after using.

Handling & Precaution

Avoid contact with eyes andskin. Avoid breathing dust. Wash after handling. For further information,please refer to the SDS

Regulatory status

AHA7002 complies with TSCA (USA) and IECSC(China).


In fibre drum with polyethylene liner. Net weight 25 Kg or 40kg/drum.


The keytechnical data or specifications for the above product described in this papermay be changed from time to time due to improvement constantly. AHA reserves the right to change the specificationsof its products without prior notice.

Although the information in this paper isbased on our own investigation and is believed reliable, AHA can not assume any responsibility for performance or resultsobtained through the use of our products herein described. Neither we nor ouragents shall be liable for any injury, loss or damages directly or indirectlycaused by our products. The user is held to check the quality, safety and allother properties of our product before using. Nothing herein is to be taken aspermission or recommendation to practice any patented invention without alicense.

SDS is available after we get your request. Pls email us to get SDS

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